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La Fière / Cauquigny

La Fière / Cauquigny

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  • Date Posted: Mar 2, 2015
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  • Address: Cauquigny

During the occupation, the Germans flooded permanently the low grounds aroud the Merderet river.
This tiny srteam became a wide shallow lake. To cross it, only to roads and bridges remain.
The crossing was essential to the allies to go westward and thus isolate the deep water port of Cherbourg.
To seize these bridges intact was the mission given to the 507th and 508th Paratroopers Infantry Regiments. The battle on the 2 bridges (La Fiere and Chef du Pont) lasted 3 days.
To see now : the bridge, the restored Cauquigny Chapel, several monuments and markers that pay tribute to the sacrifice of the men from the 82nd Airborne Division including to Charles de Glopper, the only private to be awarded a Medal of Honor in Normandy.